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Allison Hull
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Best pup ever. He's named Cosmo
Michelle Ronsonet
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Our new furry baby arrived this week with such special care via car transport. We are so happy and look forward to making many great memories with her! Big Thanks to Joe and his family for delivering us such a happy and healthy puppy💜 She’s perfect 🙌🏼

Hi Joe.  Wanted to let you know that Linus had a great vet appointment…everything was fine. 😊. The staff there fell in love with Linus and the vet tech had to take him in the back so everyone could meet him.  
Linus is doing very well.  Such a great puppy.  ❤️🐾🐾 

I wanted to let you know that our puppy is now 14 months old. She was a gorgeous chocolate brown with red highlights and now after her last grooming she is turning a silver color mixed with a lighter brown. Her face, ears and tail are still brown,  but I haven’t cut them very short. She is really pretty when the sun shines on her. She is very smart and spoiled. She has the chest brown eyes and nose. She “talks” a lot!! She is a really  good asset to our home. She still gets car sick but drammamine works well and she loves to go camping. Thank you.

Thank you for all the tips and advice. Definitely recommended! Our Mini Golden doodle (Piper) had been joyful and fun to our family. Beautiful little girl and smart She’s know what she’s like and wants. JOE, Your support has made us feel more confident as first-time puppy parent.

Just wanted to let you know Marley’s new name is Finne and when he has gone outside, he has used a puppy pad to pee and poop. He is doing fantastic…thank you again

First of all, let me just say… This entire process has been unbelievable to say to the least. I’ve been searching for a Cavapoo puppy for a very long time. I searched countless sites, breeders, ads, anywhere there was to look! I searched every city and state. (Literally across the entire U.S.) I was willing to travel any distance if necessary. I came across this breeder profile and was skeptical at first of purchasing a puppy that was over 14 hours from me. I reside in Northern Florida. And the most wonderful part of all—they offer delivery via a pet transport company. I was in complete disbelief. I found the puppy of my dreams and even though he was 14 hours away, I didn’t even have to make the drive to claim him! Well, after seeing this beautiful puppy who checked off every tinsy detail of my “ideal/dream puppy”, I decided to take a shot…I paid the deposit to reserve this little guy and tonight my baby was delivered to my front door step! WOW! (And for more than an extremely affordable price for delivery) Reggie is even more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined. My heart is full. The breeder answered all of my questions and sent as many photos/videos as I requested. I would recommend them to anyone in search of a furry little friend. 10 stars.

These people are amazing!!!!!!! I live in Atlanta and they made it very possible for me to get my dog here for my son before Christmas!!!! Joe you really made everything feel safe and secure and I’m so happy with the puppy !! Thank you !!!!

My mom and I drove 7.5 hours on pure instinct 3 hours after seeing a picture of Dolly and talking with Joe over the phone! Dolly is smart, fun, and beyond cute. Joe was waiting for us outside with the paperwork in hand including all health records, microchip information, up to date vaccinations and a bag of food. Now she is a happy, healthy 7mo pup in training to be a therapy dog! Now my mom wants to bring home her sister or brother in the next litter  in hopes she will be just as amazing as my sweet little Dolly.

Cooper was born on September 18, 2023. He became a part of my family on November 28, 2023. He’s an amazing Cavapoo puppy! He is very well socialized for both humans and other dogs. He has a calm and playful disposition. He’s smart and very easy to train. I am so satisfied with this puppy and strongly recommend Wengerd Premier Pups for anyone looking for a Cavapoo puppy. Michael S. Plymouth, MI – December 17, 2023    

The purchase of my golden doodle with Wengard pups was the best experience. The owner Joe was quick in responding about the inquiry of purchasing a puppy, provided videos and pictures and was very compassionate when sharing that my dog had recently passed. The compassion received by the owner, made me feel they truly care about their puppies and were very genuine. Purchasing my puppy was so pleasant as I live 18 hours from the breeder and my puppy was delivered per ground transportation by Furry Trails. They delivered the dog to my doorstep and kept in touch along the way. I recommend Wengard pups to everyone I meet. Wengard pups are truly loved by their owner and their puppies are gorgeous.